Caitlyn and Alyssa 2

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Caitlyn and Alyssa 2

Caitlyn walked around campus waiting for Alyssa to get out of her class and there was still ten 
minutes to stall. Caitlyn sat herself on a bench in front of the parking lot, where they were 
supposed to meet. Caitlyn checked her watch again, five minutes. Caitlyn waited for what seemed
like hours, she checked her watch again, Alyssa was half an hour late. Caitlyn stood up and 
searched around, she then went over to Alyssa's classroom. She stood right outside the door, 
not visible to anyone inside the classroom. She saw Alyssa standing in front of her professor's
desk. She watched, staying as quiet as she could. Caitlyn then saw Alyssa bend over the desk 
and pointed at the paper. Alyssa's skirt flew up, giving Caitlyn a glimpse of her white, lacy 
panties. Caitlyn almost drooled at the sight, she was getting wet already. Caitlyn then saw 
Alyssa sit herself in the stool beside her professor. The professor looked rather young, she 
was in about her late twenties, she was in good shape, tall, firm, and tanned. Caitlyn was 
mesmerized by the professor's beauty, but her thought were interrupted, as the professor started 

"Alyssa...did you or did you not cheat? I'm not quite understanding what you're saying."
Alyssa spoke softly,
"I...of course not."
"Then explain why your answers on this exam is the exact replica of the answers of the person 
sitting by you?!"
The professor's voice rose, her tone getting harsher. 
"Because what?"

Alyssa was almost in tears, Caitlyn watched as the professor pressed on. Caitlyn couldn't stand 
it anymore when a single tear rolled down Alyssa's cheek. Caitlyn storms into the classroom, 
she ran down the steps and stood in an awkward, but aggressive stance, in front of the professor.
"May I help you?"
The professor calmly said, making eye contact with Caitlyn. Caitlyn was mesmerized by the 
professor's ocean blue eyes for a moment, but then she saw Alyssa breath a sigh of relief and 
shifter her glance,
"Yes. Uh...how...how do you know it was Alyssa who cheated? I mean...it could have been the 
person sitting beside her who was doing the cheating."

The professor sat up straighter, she looked away to stare at Alyssa.
"Because the person sitting by Alyssa was Jacob. A perfectly honest, intelligent, and truthful 
young man."
"And you know that because?"
Caitlyn shot back, the professor shrugged. 
"I'm afraid I'll have to suspend Alyssa from my class. And give her a zero on her exam."
Caitlyn glared at Alyssa's professor,
"Professor Hawkins...you can always make exceptions...I mean, you name it."
Professor Hawkins looked at Caitlyn, then Alyssa,
"Why do you care so much about Alyssa? What is she to you?"

Caitlyn looked at Alyssa, as if asking her if she was allowed to tell the professor. Alyssa 
"Alyssa's my /girlfriend/">girlfriend."
Professor Hawkins laughed out loud,
"You're kidding right?"
"What's so amusing about that? I'm sure you've heard of lesbians."
The professor shook her head,
"It's not that. It's the fact that /cute/">cute little Alyssa here, would want to be YOUR girlfriend."
"What's wrong with me?"
Caitlyn said, looking in confusion,
"Well...you don't look like a good kisser."
Caitlyn gawked at the professor,
"I'll show you who's a good kisser."
Caitlyn crawled onto Professor Hawkin's desk, she slid everything off her desk, and kissed her 
the best she could. Their tongues danced around, swirling and probing each other's mouths. 

Alyssa broke their kiss up,
Caitlyn blushed,
"Sorry babe...I needed to prove a point."
Professor Hawkins looked at Alyssa with a seductive look,
"Aww, poor baby Alyssa. I'll make up for Miss Caitlyn's mistake."
Professor Hawkins pulled Alyssa to her by Alyssa's waist and plunged her tongue into 
Alyssa's mouth. Caitlyn's shrugged and sat herself in the professor's lap, their cunts pressed 
together. Caitlyn started unbuttoning the professor's blouse, she slipped it off Professor 
Hawkin's blouse and glanced at the 34C cupped chest before she pulled Alyssa's skirt and panties 
off. Alyssa broke away from the kiss and went behind her professor and unclasped her bra. 
Caitlyn already was frenching Professor Hawkins again. 
"Okay professor, show us what chu got."
Alyssa said, pulling the professor up and discarding her skirt and /thong/">thong. Alyssa grinned,
"Shaved as smooth as a baby's butt."
Caitlyn laughed,
"Kinda like yours?"
Alyssa ignored her and pushed Professor Hawkins gently onto the ground where she began rubbing 
the professor's clit. Caitlyn picked up a name tag before she started sucking on Professor 
Hawkin's pink nipples.

"Taylor Hawkins? Okay then Taylor, I can show you that younger people can give you more
pleasure than whatever you have to give."
Taylor milf porn videos was silent, she was too busy moaning for Alyssa. Caitlyn began sucking gently on each 
nipple, she sucked harder as Taylor's moaning increased.
"Oh god yes, you two are sooooo good at this. OOOOOOHHHHH yeah..."
Alyssa pushed in two fingers,
"You're not a virgin."
then she slid in her third, then fourth finger,
"MMMMMMM that feels good. OOOOOOOHHHH Alyssa...UHHHHH..."
Alyssa was going faster, she pushed in deeper until her whole fist was devoured by Taylor's
"Does that hurt?"
"No...but it's nice...OOOOOOOOHHHH AHHHHH!"
Caitlyn bit down on Taylor's blowjob porn videos nipple and squeezed her other tit, pushing her into a hard
orgasm when Alyssa gave her clit a flick with her tongue. Alyssa pulled her hand out, licked it 
clean and her mouth made contact with Taylor's pussy lips.

Caitlyn took her short and thong off and pressed her cunt onto Taylor's face. Taylor eagerly 
sucked and licked. She plunged her tongue into Caitlyn's hole, 
Caitlyn moaned in ecstacy, she pressed her cunt further towards Taylors mouth. Taylor moved her 
tongue faster, feeling Caitlyn's juices dripping into her mouth. Caitlyn felt Alyssa taking her 
blouse and bra off. Alyssa was still eating Taylor out, she started to suck on only the clit.
Alyssa took Taylor's clit between her soft lips and gently sucked.

Alyssa took her time, she licked Taylor's clit and flicked it a couple times. 
Alyssa began sucking harder, Taylor could feel Alyssa's teeth as Alyssa gently bit down. Alyssa 
then found a /model/">model rocket on Taylor's desk. It was the size of an average dildo, only wider. 
Alyssa broke off the fins and pushed the 8 inch long rocket into Taylor's pussy. 
"OOOOOOOOOOHHHHH AHHHHHH! UHHHHH...yeah /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-harder/">fuck me harder!"
Caitlyn grinned, as her cunt muffled Taylor.
"Hm...we have a /naughty/naughty-teacher/">naughty teacher."

Caitlyn felt Taylor's tongue probe around now, Taylor found Caitlyn clit and sucked it hard. 
Caitlyn was nearing her orgasm, Alyssa pressed her cunt to Taylors, they could feel each other's
wetness. Alyssa started to fuck Taylor with the model rocket harder. Alyssa could sense Taylor
approaching orgasm, she went faster and harder.
Alyssa gave the rocket one last thrust as deep as she could, triggering Taylor, Taylor came hard.
Alyssa moved along and put her arms around Caitlyn and took each tit in her hands. She squeezed 
them gently then pinched her nipples.

Alyssa rubbed Caitlyn's tits with the palm of her hands, she kissed Caitlyn neck and whispered
into her ear,
"You think she'll let me pass?"
Caitlyn shrugged, Alyssa began pinching Caitlyn's nipples harder. Taylor was sucking and licking
expertly on Caitlyn now. 
"MMMMMMM yeah...I'm so close. OHHHHH AHHHH...UHHHH..."
Caitlyn came and laid down beside Taylor, Alyssa had taken off her blouse and pressed her chest
up against Taylor's. She frenched Taylor as deeply as she would with Caitlyn. Caitlyn was 
too busy to notice. Alyssa could taste Caitlyn in Taylor's mouth, their tongues intertwined
and probed on. Taylor pushed three fingers into Alyssa,
"OOOOOOOOHHH...don't go too fast."

Taylor ignored her and shoved a third finger in and started fucking her fast. Her fingers slid
in and out easily, Alyssa was bucking and pushing herself onto Taylor's hand. Taylor's cunt was
rubbing on Alyssa's and she could feel Alyssa's clit making contact with hers. Triggering her
to an orgasm just as Alyssa came. Alyssa came all over Taylor's hand, Taylor took her hand and 
licked it clean, then pulled Alyssa down to kiss her. Alyssa could taste herself, Caitlyn was 
up again and catching Alyssa's juices. Caitlyn let her tongue probe Alyssa's pussy, then she 
plunged her tongue into Alyssa's hole. This was from behind so Alyssa turned around and pushed 
Caitlyn on her back and sat on her face. Taylor got up and dressed herself, waiting for Caitlyn
and Alyssa to finish. Caitlyn swirled her tongue around Alyssa's clit, she sucked gently, 
teasing her,
"Harder Caitlyn...faster..."
Caitlyn slowly pushed her tongue into Alyssa,
"Fuck me..."
Caitlyn slowly moved her tongue in and out, Alyssa couldn't stand it anymore. 
"Please...Caitlyn /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-hard/">fuck me hard."
"What do you want?"
"I want you to fuck me hard. Suck me hard please...UHHHHH!"
Caitlyn did so, she started tongue fucking Alyssa as fast as she could. She stopped right before
Alyssa came and took the used rocket and pushed it up Alyssa's hole.

Alyssa came hard with just one thrust of the rocket. She could feel her vaginal walls embracing
the wide model. Caitlyn went limp and lie beside her lover, her chest heaving. Taylor was 
already dressed and throwing the girls' clothes ontop of them.
"I think I can bust Jacob. But just this once. You won't get off so easily next time Alyssa."
Alyssa glared at her, dressing herself now.
Caitlyn shook her head,
"Whatever. Thanks Taylor."
"That's Professor Hawkins."
Caitlyn shrugged, she was already done dressing, she helped Alyssa with her skirt then dragged 
her out of the classroom.
"Your professor is weird."
"At least I passed."
Caitlyn shrugged and shoved Alyssa into her Jaguar.

"If you don't want this again...then don't make it look like you cheated again."
Alyssa grinned,
"Then I'll have to cheat again sometime."
Caitlyn shoved Alyssa then drove back to her house for a night alone with Alyssa again.