The sexy twins

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The sexy twins

It all started in May 2000, i was at a /party/">party with some friends. Across the room from us, sat two beautiful babes wearing small tight tops and skirts that showed off most of the lower part of their ass.

I made a bet with one of my friends, that i would manage to pick up both of them, and get the pictures to prove it. He accepted the bet and off i went. I took a sip of my beer and started walking towards them. Midways over they caught eye contact with me. I looked one of them straight into the eyes. She had the most beautiful eyes. Brown, with natural silky smooth eyebrows. Her body was like nothing i had seen before, /tits/perfect-tits/">perfect tits, not too small, not too big, perfect well-worked out stomach, and a smile that could make roses blush.

I greeted her with a "Hi", and sat down. I introduced myself and we started talking about what it means being /twins/">twins and stuff like that. After about an hour, we went onto the dance floor. I literally got sandwiched many times, as i kept a very close perimeter to them.

After the party, i invited them to come to my place for an after party. With some persuasion i got them to accept.

As we walked home, the two girls were having one hand on each side of my ass. I constantly thought: "oh this will be soo easy".

And boy was i right. After 8 minutes of walking, we got into my house. I put a pizza in the oven, and we started talking a bit dirty. They told me about their /first-time/">first time. One of the chicks had her first time when she was 16, with a boyfriend she have had for 2 months. The other hadn't ever had sex. So i asked them their age. Both were 18, but each one looked like they could have been 15. I asked them what their thoughts on mass-debate was ... of course the thought i said "masterbate", so they started talking about masturbation. They talked lively about it, constantly exploring things about the other one. Before they had been masturbating in their separate rooms, at the same time - without one knowing that the other did it. They asked me if i did it often, and i told them that i did it more before. Now i liked doing real females.

We talked about kissing, after some time i persuaded them to kiss me. Then each other. Then i asked them if they felt something when they kissed. One of them said she got turned on. I asked if her nipples got erected when she got turned on, and she said that they did. So i asked her if she could show them to me.

Her: -"You want to see my nipples? Why?"
Me: "I told you - i want to see if you're really turned on"
-"But ... i don't know, i barely know you"
"Okay, i won't do anything you won't... but everyone else does it, it's really not a big matter."
-"Okay i guess you can get a peek"

So she wrapped up her top and exposed the most /gorgeous/">gorgeous set of tits EVER. Perfect cups.

After some teasing, i got them to take each others tops off, and kiss each other. "Did you feel anything?" i asked. "A little" they replied.

Me: "So, can i suck your nipples?"
Her: -"You want to do what?!??
"Suck your nipples. What's the big deal? do you have milk in them?"
-"No, but .. i don't know if that's such a good idea"
"It's a great idea. Come on. "

She looked me bokep sma pecah perawan in the eyes, and i upped my eyebrows as a challenge. She got over to me and sat down in my lap. I embraced my lips over her gorgeous puffy nipples. I sucked them, licked them and nibbled them. Then i asked her if she wanted to do the same thing, just with her /sister/">sister. And she agreed, that would be cool. The sister was in on it, and for some minutes, they were hugging and nibbling each other's nipples.

Me: "You know - i want to take this to the next level"
Her: -"The next level?"
"Yeah ... i want you - to show me your pussy - is that ok?"
-"My pussy?! - i don't know - i can do some strange things but that's kinda personal you know"
"Again i ask you - what's the deal? It's not like i'm gonna put my cock in it or anything"
-"But .. i don't know .. i don't think i want to do that"

So her sister told her: "Oh come on, we're enjoying ourselves here... " and started stripping. Her clothes came off, one after another. I looked at her and gazed at her beauty. Her clit was perfect. Clean shaven and with that top that makes it look brand fresh. She had taken great care of her pussy.

I asked her if she felt like rubbing it, and she replied that she was kinda horny, so she wanted that very much.
Then her sister followed. She put her fingers down her trousers and started rubbing. It looked so very very nice, with them sitting there rubbing their clits. So i asked: "Now - how about you touch each other?".

A light lit up in their eyes, and they started rubbing each others pussies. I said: "You're giving me enormous wood you know .. mind if i ...?" They looked me in the eyes and nodded.

Her: -"Can i ... lick your cock?"
Me: "Of course. Come right here"

she started sucking my cock. It felt so very good. I told her sister to come over and kiss me. And she did. She also rubbed her sisters clit while doing it. It was so extremely sexy that i came instantly, straight in her mouth. She sucked it down and wiped her throat. "But we're not done yet" she said.

Me: "Let's do something else then - with the two of you"
Her: -"What do you mean"
"Why don't you lick your sister's clit?"
-"My sister? i don't know ... i don't think.."

Her sister went down on her instead, and rubbed her pussy. As they got into the 69 position i quickly got my camera and started snapping pictures of them. I expected them to scream and leave. But they didn't care. So i took some more pictures of them while they were lying on my kitchen floor, rubbing and licking each others pussies. old waman xxxgx Got some great close-ups. They kept it going until they both orgasmed. Then i put the camera away.

Her: "That was great sis"
Her sister: "Yeah... we should do this more often"
Me: "You two are great... but listen, i have to go to bed now, so - why don't you two head for home?"
Her: "Home? now? but.. "
Me: "I have to get some sleep .. busy day tomorrow"
Her: "Okay .. can i get your phone number?"
Me: "Sure .. it's" - i made up some random numbers. "What's yours?"
Her: "It's XXX XXX XXX XX"

They got some clothes on, and left... you won't believe the looks i got from my friends when i showed them my pictures.