The wifes sister

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The wifes sister

I was a happily married man, me and Tina got married when she got /pregnant/">pregnant at the age of sixteen, we got a two bedroom house and would have lived happy ever after if her younger sister Tracey had not been such a prick teaser, her flirting had me hard and wanting her for a few years but nothing happened till my fifth wedding anniversary when Tina got pissed up on black Russians and me and Tracey had to take her home and put her to bed, after we had settled Tina me and Tracey sat on the sofa with a couple of brandies chatting, Tracey is a bit gothic looking with her bright pink hair slim figure with a decent pair of boobs and an arse that just begs to be bitten and spanked.

 She was dressed in a black dress that hugged her waist and /hung/">hung low enough to show a lot of cleavage and quit a lot of thigh in very sexy black fishnet stocking and a black leather studded dog collar round her neck. And indian santali xvideo at only nineteen three years younger than me I was getting turned on just looking at her. Then as I poured us another drink Tracey started to flirt as usual, with the drink the way she was dressed and the amount of flesh she was showing when she started to talk sex I developed one hell of a hard on and having not had chance to fuck the wife in over two weeks I really needed empty my balls. Tracey noticed my 8? cock making a tent in my trousers and giggled then gave it a play full slap followed by a quick grope which nearly had me exploding in my pants.

Then Tracey said she did not realise I was so big and that Tina must be very happy in the bedroom, all the time she was holding me through my trousers and with out saying anything else Tracey undid my pants and extracted my /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock, she slowly stroked it for a few seconds before lowering her mouth onto the head of my /erection/">erection and gently sucking on it, I placed one hand on her head and the other down the top of her dress and as she had no bra on, straight onto her naked breast, her nipple hardened to my touch and as I played with it between finger and thumb Tracey told me to pinch it harder which I did till I got a moan of pain & pleasure from her.

My cock was getting close to exploding so warning Trace I was going to cum I tried to pull out of her amazing mouth but Tracey just grabbed my balls and pulled me deeper into her mouth taking nearly all my hard 8? cock, I felt that wonderful feeling starting at the base of my cock and new I was going to cum, string after strin of /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum erupted from my hard cock shooting deep down her throte and Tracey swollowed every last drop from what must be the /orgasm/best-orgasm/">best orgasm of my life. After getting my head back in gear I pushed Tracey back till she was spread over the sofa and opening her /legs/sexy-legs/">sexy legs I kissed my way from her black painted toe nails up her fishnets to her naked thighs till I was kissing her wet black silky panties. I was getting hard again as I sniffed her pussy juices and licked them from her silk covered pussy, then I slipped her panties down her legs and left them dangling from one foot.

Her pussy was amazing, shaven except for a little hart that was the same pink colour as her hair and a clit that was sticking out from her sex begging to be licked kissed and sucked on all of which I alain lyle porn was only to happy to do, Tracey was soon moaning out loud as I tonged her /pussy/ass-pussy/pussy-and-ass/">pussy and ass, and to my /surprise/">surprise and delight when she climaxed she gushed sex juice from her cunt all over my face covering me in her orgasm fluid. I took her dress of and removed my shirt and trousers then rolling Tracey on to her belly I pushed the end of my cock straight into her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy and started to fuck her with long slow strokes going as deep in to her pussy as I could and as I fucked her I slapped her arse making her squeal with pleasure and pain, after a few minuets fucking her doggy style I pulled my cock from her pussy and spun her over, lifting her legs as high as they would go I again pushed my erection deep in to her juicy pussy and this time fucked her hard and fast making Tracey have her second orgasm of the night she was making a lot off noise and I was worried she might wake Tina so I pulled her /wet/wet-panties/">wet panties from her ankle and rolling them up I pushed them into her mouth.

 Tracey then grabbed her ankles and pulled them so they were next to her ears giving me a great view of my /fat/big-fat/big-fat-cock/">big fat cock pistoning in and out of her shaven pussy, I was getting close to shooting my cum again and wanted to make this memorable so when Tracey hit her third /climax/">climax of the night I pulled out and jerked my cock shooting ribbon after ribbon of thick creamy cum all over her belly, tits and face, some even landed in her pink hair, I flopped next to her on the sofa and a few seconds later Tracey took my spent cock in to her mouth to clean it, she sucked my cock clean then my balls taking them deep into her mouth and she then did something I have never had the pleasure of before, she stuck her tong into my arse and rimmed me, having already cum twice I could not manage another erection but I did manage to make Tracey cum again before I left her to sleep in the spare room and went and got in bed with my wife. In the morning Tracey acted like nothing had happened and I was half beginning to think I had dreamed it all up when she placed a pice of paper in my hand and kissed Tina on the cheek before leaving to go home. I made my way to the toilet and read the note I had been given, it read thanks for a great fuck, call round my flat about six if you want to have more fun. I flushed the note down the toilet and went back down to the kitchen, looking at my wife I thought to myself how lucky I was to have to fit sisters to fuck?