Love At First Sight

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Love At First Sight

Kara and her friend Nina went over to her boyfriend Brad?s work to take him some lunch. He framed houses on a crew with about six other hot and sweaty guys. When they pulled up they saw Brad coming from around the house with a work buddy of his. Kara had to take her sunglasses off so she could get a better look. All Kara could think was "OH MY GOD!" She was totally blessed when she laid her eyes on him. 

He was beautiful! He was tall, dark brown hair, and his muscles glistened with sweat as the sun beat down on him. He wasn?t a beefcake, but he had a body to die for. She couldn?t see his eyes because he had sunglasses on. He had no shirt on, a tool belt around his slender, manly waist, and his tattered jeans where so tight that any person looking could tell how fast his pulse was going. God surely blessed him with the whole package.

As the girls got out of Kara?s Mustang, Nina grabbed the lunch she prepared for her man. Kara hadn?t planned to get out of the car, but now she found herself opening the door and stepping out to follow Nina. It?s as if her body had a mind all of it?s own. Kara wanted to meet him. She had to meet him!

As the approached the guys, the awesome guy took his glasses off and watched them as they approached. Kara felt him watching her, so she had to put on a small show. She just couldn?t help herself. 


Wade saw Brad?s girlfriend get out of blue Mustang. He elbowed Brad and nodded his head toward the driveway. Brad looked up from the paper he was looking at and saw his girlfriend Nina getting an igloo cooler out of the back of Kara?s car. 

"Look like it?s chow time," popped Wade, with a sheepish grin.

"Yep, my baby brought me lunch, and if I am lucky, maybe some desert," Brad replied.

Just then he noticed a beautiful /brunette/">brunette in denim cutoffs and a white sporty tank top coming up beside Nina. Wade had to take off his sunglasses so that he wouldn?t miss anything. Her skin was a light bronze from the serious tanning she must do. Her bra-less breast bounce with each step she took. The blondish highlights in her wind tousled hair reflected the sun. Her full lips were just begging to be deeply kissed. Her skin was flawless all the way down to her bare, painted toes. She was the cause of an instant /erection/">erection. 

Wade again elbowed Brad, "Dude, who is that with Nina?"

"That?s Nina?s best-friend Kara," he answered as he looked over toward Wade.

A slow, sly grin came to Brad?s lips as he realized that Wade?s curiosity was peeked. "Isn?t she hot," Brad encouraged.
Wade looked up with his own sheepish grin and said, "Oh, hell yeah."

Nina handed Kara the cooler and ran and jumped up and straddled Brad and gave him a deep kiss. As she pulled away from Brad?s lips she said in a child-like voice "Hiya baby, you hungry?"

"Starved," Brad replied, "I can use some food too." They laughed and kissed again.

During this, Wade was checking Kara out from head to toe.

Kara looked into Wade?s eyes and realized that he had the most beautiful deep brown eyes that would melt the North Pole. She felt herself get a little wet in her denim shorts.

By this time, Brad put Nina down and stood there watching the storm that was brewing up between Kara and Wade.

Nina finally broke the silence, "Wade this is my friend Kara, Kara this is Wade, Brad?s boss and friend."

Wade smiled as he came out of his dream state and extended his hand out and replied, "Hi, nice to meet you."

Kara took his hand and smiled up into a sea of dark chocolate, "Hello, nice to meet you too."

It was as if there was pure electric going from him and penetrating Kara deep into her soul. So deep that she felt it between her legs. "What in the hell is happening to me?" she thought.

"Well baby," Nina started, "Kara and myself have an appointment to have our hair done."

Wade dropped Kara?s hand and both of their smiles were washed away. Neither one of them wanted to end what was going on between them.

Wade piped up quickly, "Hey Nina, tonight I am having a sexxxx video ful hd /party/">party. Why don?t you bring Kara?"

"I already asked her if she wanted to go, and she said she would feel out of place," Nina answered.

Wade looked over to Kara as he smiled that charming smile, "Come on, there?s nothing to feel out of place about. I want you xxx sex video download free com to come."

"Okay, I?ll come," she answered with an underlining meaning.

"Great, I?ll expect you their. Don?t let me down now, OK," he said happily.

Then all of a sudden, Nina grabbed Kara by the waist of her shorts and pulled her away toward the car. As she walked away, she could still feel him watching her. As /bad/">bad as she wanted to, she didn?t look back until she got in the car. She looked up and he still stood their watching her. Even at this distance, she could still feel his eyes penetrating her soul. It was as if he could read her deepest, darkest desires.

As Kara began to back out of the driveway, Nina sat there and stared at her. As Kara was looking out of her rearview mirror, she noticed Nina and asked her "What?"

She smiled knowingly, "Don?t say "WHAT?" to me, I saw what went on back there. I know there was something going on between the two of you. You two all but fucked right there in the driveway."

Kara couldn?t help but to smile as she looked into her friends eyes. She couldn?t contain herself any longer. "Oh my God, why have you never told me about him? He is like the hottest guy I ever set my eyes on. It felt like his eyes could read what I was thinking, feeling, and I just don?t know what came over me. I never acted like that around a guy before. I mean, I?ve had sex before, I?ve enjoyed that sex, but what went on back there was better then any sex I have ever had in all of my 22 years. I would give all the sex up that I ever had just to experience another five minutes of what ever that was," she said as she finally stopped and took a breath.

"It?s going to be very interesting to see what goes on tonight," Nina admitted. "I have a feeling that you will have an opportunity to experience the real THING tonight, girlie."

Kara didn?t say anything, she heard Nina, but all she could do was think about it. What would she do if the opportunity did arise? Deep down she knew the answer to that question. She knew she wouldn?t be strong enough to deny Wade. That got her even more excited.


Kara was late picking up Nina. She had a problem deciding what she should wear. Nina told her he had a pool. She said that Kara should wear, or at least bring a suit just in case everyone decided to go swimming. So she decided to wear her yellow swimsuit. Then she had a pair of stone washed shorts on and a yellow muscle shirt that came to just above her belly button. 

Nina agreed not to have Brad pick her up, so that Kara wouldn?t be going to the party by herself. Brad reluctantly agreed to meet Nina at the party.

When they pulled up to the house, butterflies started fluttering in Kara?s stomach. She was nervous and excited. 

As Kara and Nina walked into the house, Brad came over and grabbed Nina. "Damn, I thought you guys never would get here."

"Sorry honey, Kara was late picking me up," Nina whined. 

Brad led us out to the back yard. They had the grill going, the music pumping, and the booze was bubbling. Kara looked over toward the grill and all of a sudden her heart skipped a beat. There he was, Wade, dressed in a pair of tight jeans, with a white shirt with the buttons unfastened. He was freshly showered and shaved. He had a spatula in one hand and a beer in the other, as he laughed at what was being said to him by another guy.


A bunch of guys were over by Wade at the grill talking about the same old silly crap that they always joked about. Suddenly, as he looked up from the grill toward the back door, the joke was over for him. There she stood, looking as beautiful and hot as before. 

He has been waiting all day to see her again. The anticipation was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Finally, the waiting was over. What in the hell was happening to him, he thought. No other girl affected him like Kara did. Everything about her set all of his senses on fire, and at this very moment nothing has changed.

He handed the spatula to one of his friends, and without a word walked toward Kara. His smile grew as he approached her. "Hey, you made it. I didn?t think you were going to come."

"Yeah, sorry we?re late, but I made it," Kara said smilingly.

Brad smiled knowingly at Nina as he took her hand and led her off toward the crowd. He gave her a look that said, "We need to leave them alone."

Wade walked beside Kara over to the cooler and got her a beer. He shoved his hand into his right front pocket of his jeans and finally took his eyes off her and looked up into the sky. 

Kara was so nervous that she thought she would pass out. She wanted to get to know him, but every time she went to speak her mouth wouldn?t move. She thought to herself, "Go on Kara, talk to the man. You?ve waited all day just to be near him, and here you are claming up like a stupid little, virginal girl. What do I say to him? What, I want to fuck your brains out right here, right now? Don?t be a /crazy/">crazy lunatic, you can?t say that."

They wandered a way from the crowd without Kara realizing it. Finally, Wade broke the uncomfortable silence. "So Kara, do you want to do it?" 

She was thrown for a second as she stammered, "What?"

He gave her a quizzical look as he replied, "What do you do? You know for a living?"

A little embarrassed of herself for having her head in the gutter, she replied, "Oh, I am a receptionist in a Veterinarian?s office?"

He smiled sweetly and said, "That sounds interesting, so I guess you are an animal lover?" 

"Yes, I am. How about you?" she asked in return.

"Yeah, I like animals. I?m just not home long enough to take care of one like they need to be taken care of," he responded. "How old are you, if you don?t mind me asking."

"No, I don?t mind, I am 22 years old, and yourself?" she reversed.

"Twenty-eight," he said. As he answered he looked back into the sky. He didn?t realize she had stopped walking and accidentally bumped into her.

Reflexes caused him to throw out his hands and grab her around the waist, so not to knock her over. He pulled her toward him. His touch felt like fire to where he touched her on her bare abdomen. The sensation took both his and her breaths a way.

Wade thought to himself, "Oh dear God, she feels so good in my hands, and feel so soft as the back of her body pressed against the front of his." He prayed for control, but it was quickly fading. As he was praying for that control she turned and looked up into his luscious eyes, and that?s when the last bit of control eluded him.

He brought his right hand up to her cheek, and pulled her mouth to his. It was a fierce kiss. The kind of kiss that devours the soul, the inner being. He pulled her body tighter against his. He didn?t know what was happening to him. He?s been with women before, but he never wanted anyone as bad as he wanted her. He knew he needed to gain control, but he couldn?t figure out how.

Kara, reached around with her left hand and tangled her fingers into his thick brown hair and pulled him tighter against her mouth as her tongue flickered against his tongue. She turned in his arms so they would be facing each other. The kiss was as wild and untamed as their hunger was for each other.

He backed her up against the back wall of his small pool house. He pressed his stiffening hardness into the soft mound between her tights as he lifted her up and pulled her legs around his waist.

She moaned softly against Wades demanding mouth. That seems to have added fuel to his fire. He knew he had no control now. There was no stopping either of them. This was going to happened whether there will be regrets after, or not. 

As his left hand was on her ass, his right hand stroked up her side and under her shirt. He brushed against the harden nipple under her swimsuit top. She whimpered against his lips, as she arched her back to push her breast harder into his hand. She wanted more, and he couldn?t deny her. He pulled the small piece of material aside so that he could roll her nipple between his finger and thumb. She cried out softly as she threw her head back, letting it rest against the cold brick behind her.

"Oh Wade! You feel so good. I want you! I need you!" she purred as she trailed kisses down his neck and nipping his skin with her teeth.